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Dive Into the New Age of Techonlogy 

Our Services

Design Website

Web Design  & Development 

Flexible, competitive & fully operated website can be established here,

The client will be able to select the website templet from a huge library that we have , accordingly OG will adopt the selected design ,

You can select your website type (Fixed Website Or Interactive Website)

Android & IOS Applications

Developing a Mobile Application with latest programming language , throughout a secure & reliable source in both of Android/IOS Store ,

The application will be supported by backend web-portal to be delivered to your client

Systematic Solutions on Client demand 

Here at OG we’re different that our competitors as we’re able to establish a systemic solution from Zero level and based on customer demand , supported by a fully support contract and maintenance activity as well as domain and server uploading activity

Backend / Frontend development 

Developing a full backend/frontend solution and with a fully support of any integration (API) from 3rd parties

​We Integrate With Latest Programming Language

GPS Tracking for cars & Vehicles

Establishing a GPS device for cars and huge track , with a geofencing Features 

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