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Real Estate ERP System

An ERP System that will deliver the easiest way to the company owner to manage his daily operation , as the owner can manage every single payment/spends or movement/activities through 1 unified system 


Delivery Company System 

A system presented in Web-Portal system & 2 mobile application , as the 1st mobile app will be used for the page owner & 2nd mobile app will be used for the representative , while the company will be able to review and track all of it's activities through 1 platform .


Mobile Applications 

Multiple Mobile application on both of IOS / and Android platforms with a profession development and creative UI/UX design , 

Our Applications go through an official process :- 

Define >>> Design >>> Develop >>> Upload 


Sales & Sales Team System

​A tracking system, that will fit any FMCG companies, as the company management will be able to review total sales / count of sales / the best employee, and the employee location live also will be able to view the current stock in each cash-van 


Finance System

​A Professional Finance System that will deliver the best experience for any finance team in any type of companies , with a flexible development backend for any required change , 

our systems are licensed by an official ASP accountants 


​Website Establishment

Statistic / Interactive Website with a latest design includes domain and host , plus defining email for the client based on his needs  ​ ​​

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